The Benefit of Knowing Your Farmer!?

Since the 1940’s the nutrient density of our food has declined. The great news, farmers are figuring out how to produce sustainably grown nutrient dense food and wine. by Chad… Continue reading The Benefit of Knowing Your Farmer!?

Ecological Utopia?

Is Ecological Utopia Possible? Or should be striving for Excellent Farm Ecosystems? Lets explore how building a farm ecosystem can help build resiliency. by Chad Steiner What is the motivation… Continue reading Ecological Utopia?

2023 “Reflections” Slideshow

As we reflected on 2023, we realized this is our “Why”! We love you all. by Jeana Steiner Click the image below to see the 2023 Slideshow. Cheers,

How I met Chad and Jeana

Chelan Valley Farms – The Best Kept Secret in Central Washington – for now? by Marya McCabe In November of 2021, my husband and I were out for a drive… Continue reading How I met Chad and Jeana

Fall on the Farm!

Fall on the Farm? by Jeana Steiner Fall on the Farm… The grapes are harvested, fermentations are wrapping up and the Pumpkin Patch is in full swing. Fall on the… Continue reading Fall on the Farm!

How’d We Find The TopHouse Band?

Another shot. 09/13/2006

How’d We Get Connected with The TopHouse Band? by Chad Steiner Jeana caught one of their songs on Instagram Reels this past spring – and reached out to them with… Continue reading How’d We Find The TopHouse Band?

A Symphony of Apples!

A Symphony of Apples: The Different Varieties We Grow and Harvest (Its U-pick Season). by Chad Steiner Introduction Apple harvest is upon us! Today, I’m excited to take you on… Continue reading A Symphony of Apples!

Chad Goes Full Time on the Farm!

“He’s Going Pro!” (aka Chad’s Going Full Time on the Farm), by Chad Steiner My earliest memory as a child was when I was about 4 years old. I was… Continue reading Chad Goes Full Time on the Farm!

Pumpkin Patch Reflections…

Reflections on the Chelan Valley Farms Pumpkin Patch Over the Years (2023 = 5th Annual. by Chad Steiner We’re so excited to kick off another pumpkin patch this year! We… Continue reading Pumpkin Patch Reflections…

Native Pollinator Attraction Garden

The Native Pollinator Attraction Garden. by Emma McLaren Hello everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about the importance of biodiversity and what we intend to do to support… Continue reading Native Pollinator Attraction Garden