U-pick Apples

Create family memories while picking our organically grown apples right from the tree!

U-Pick Apples

Fall is one of our favorite Seasons on the Farm. The colors and taste of fresh apples can’t be beat. U-pick Apples typically begin the first week of September and run thru October. We keep apples in cold storage for sale November through January. Our u-pick apples are all grown organically (expected certification 2026).

Email info@chelanvalleyfarms.com or give us a call to check which apples are ready to pick.

Here’s What we Grow… Our varieties below are listed by the order of ripening:

Sweet Maia®

(Late August through Mid September)

Limited Quantities Available…. earlier than Gala with a fresh sweet taste. This one took us by surprise and we have been delighted with it so far.


(Late August/Early September through Mid to Late September)

Early ripening and not much else like it fresh from the tree. A staple in the apple world for many years. Bite into one from the tree and enjoy a nice sugar and acid balance amidst bright white flesh.


(Late August/Early September through Mid to Late September)

A home staple. This crunchy juicy apple is amazing right from the orchard. We partner with our friends at Champion Orchard to make this apple available.

Golden Delicious

(Mid September through Mid to Late September)

One of our favorite apples off of the tree. An utterly delicious fresh eating apple. Gorgeous acidity and honey like sweetness. And, grown mostly on 70 year old trees. Truly a special treat if you visit at the right time.

Cosmic Crisp®

(Early to Mid October through Late October)

A Washington State phenomenon. One of the best apples on the market. Nice acidity balanced with great flavor. And it stores really well if you take it home from the farm.


(Early to Mid October through Late October)

One of our most popular. A cross between Fuji and Honeycrisp. Need we say more? This apples delicate sweetness combined with the crunchy juiciness you’re used to – this one is a winner.


(Early October through Late October)

Limited Quantities Available… A newer apple no one has heard of. Early its more on the tart side. Later is gets beautiful sweetness. This was a really popular one with visitors in 2023.

Red Delicious

(Early to Mid October through Late October)

Not much of this one left on the farm. But definitely a classic. Come grab some from our old trees and enjoy a classic sweet apple.


(Mid October through Late October)

Another all time favorite and classic apple. Sweet and nicely chewable flesh. Many visitors love this apple and know what they’re getting.

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