How Do Farms Use Fresh Water?

Irrigated vs. dryland. It makes a big difference depending on your location on what you can grow.

Chad and Jeana Steiner stand in their Pinot Noir vineyard overlooking Roses Lake in the Lake Chelan AVA.

Will Small Farms Survive?

1st Generation farmers. The Steiner Family.

1st Generation Farmers, The Steiner Family.

Seeing Inside Farms is what Agritourism Offers.

Photo courtesy of Lake Chelan Historical Society. This was located very near or on our farm.

An early photo located on or near Chelan Valley Farms farming apples. Courtesy of Lake Chelan Historical Society.

Water, Sunlight, Nutrition!

Plant nutrient deficiency or virus? We've been able to address it with fertility.

I learned from a wise crop guru, whether assessing a problem or trying to start off the growing season on the right foot – water, sunlight and nutrition are the foundation for success.

Sheep, They’re In The Vineyard

The entire family helped move the sheep to the vineyard.

100 years ago it was quite common for farmers growing crops to also raise animals or vise versa. Since then farmers have become more specialized. Reintroducing animals into a regenerative system is making old technology new again.