Toast to Togetherness: A Holiday Wine and Food Pairing Guide

Explore pairing possibilities with some of our favorite wines – along with some fun conversation starters!

by Jeana Steiner

As the holiday season approaches, the joy of sharing meals with friends and family becomes a joyous event to look forward to. We believe a carefully chosen bottle of wine can transform a simple gathering into an event, enhancing flavors and sparking conversation. We’ve assembled some potential pairings with some of our latest wines that promise to elevate your holiday table.

1. 2022 Estate Pinot Noir – The Versatile Companion Our Pinot Noir, with its vibrant color, bright acidity and notes of cherry, pairs well with the traditional flavors of a holiday feast. Consider serving it alongside a herb-roasted chicken, garnished with thyme and rosemary. The earthiness of mushrooms, whether in a savory stuffing or a rich gravy, also complements the wine’s complex profile.

Conversation Starter: Discuss the subtleties of the Pinot Noir with your guests, perhaps comparing its elegant flavors to the intricate layers of family and friendship celebrated during the holidays.

2. 2021 Red Mountain Cabernet – A Bold Celebration The rich character of our Red Mountain Cabernet calls for equally bold flavors. Pair this rich wine with a prime rib or a hearty beef bourguignon. The tannins in the Cabernet cut through the fat of the meat, creating a harmonious balance on the palate. Also great to pair with square of dark chocolate for desert (one of our favorites).

Conversation Starter: Invite guests to share their stories of mountain adventures, inspired by the wine’s origins, as a toast to life’s peaks and valleys.

3. 2022 Estate Chardonnay – Elegance in a Glass Our Chardonnay, with its bright minerality and notes of vanilla, is a wonderful companion to a variety of dishes. Serve it with a luxurious seafood risotto or a baked brie atop freshly toasted bread with a drizzle of farm fresh Steiner Brothers honey. The elegance of the Chardonnay enhances the richness of these dishes.

Conversation Starter: The Chardonnay’s graceful dance of flavors can lead to conversations about the year’s most elegant moments and the beauty of nature’s bounty.

4. 2021 Denny’s Red Blend – A Sharable Delight Denny’s Red Blend, a blend of fine grapes, offers a fruit-forward and spice-tinged profile perfect for the holiday season. This wine is delightful with roasted pork loin accompanied by a figs and roasted potatoes. Vegetarian guests will enjoy it with a wild mushroom and caramelized onion tart.

Conversation Starter: As a blend, this wine is a testament to unity — perfect for sparking discussions about the coming together of family and the blending of traditions during the holidays.

Adding wine to your holiday meals is more than just a culinary decision; it’s a way to weave a thread of connectedness through your gathering. Each bottle opens up a world of stories and shared experiences, turning a simple dinner into a tapestry of togetherness. The Chelan Valley Farms logo incorporates gathering and togetherness – the words surrounding the Sun (the “C”), Mountains (the “V”) and Crop Rows (the “F”) are connected by a gathering person bringing everything together. At Chelan Valley Farms, we are honored to be a part of your holiday traditions and hope our wines will bring warmth and joy to your table.

Cheers to a season of happiness, health, and fine wine!

We look forward to seeing you on The Farm!