Delightful Dahlias: Your Guide to Seasonal Care Continued!

Delightful Dahlias: Your Guide to Seasonal Care Continued!

Welcome back folks, farmers and gardeners! This time of year I so enjoy the summer days in deep Manson, the farm seems to come more alive in the early morning hours of summer. The wine grapes, apples, and pumpkins growing make me look forward to the upcoming harvest but there’s a particular burst of color that stands out and that is the brilliant dahlias! These beautiful blossoms are an integral part of our u-pick flower experience. Today, I will be guiding you through in-season dahlia care and sharing the legitimate psychological benefits they offer.

Seasonal Care for Dahlias

Dahlias are a visual treat, but for the greatest growing success, they need some dedicated care. Here’s how you can keep your dahlias thriving during their blooming season!


Watering is super important for dahlias, especially during the scorching summer months. It’s important to remember that watering needs can vary depending on the climate. While dahlias appreciate a generous drink in drier regions, they do not like waterlogged soil. So, if you’re in an area with high rainfall, ensure your soil has excellent drainage. On average, a deep watering twice a week should keep your dahlias happy and thriving.


These flowers have a hearty appetite. Regular feeding with a low-nitrogen liquid fertilizer every 3-4 weeks, from midsummer until early autumn, will encourage strong growth and plentiful blooms.


Due to the height and sizable blossoms of dahlias, they frequently require staking. It’s best to provide a sturdy stake early in the season to prevent any harm to the tubers.


A little-known trick to encourage more blooms and a bushier plant is pinching. When your dahlia plant is about a foot tall, pinch out the growing tip right above the set of leaf nodes. This encourages the plant to produce more stems, resulting in a bushier plant and more blooms.


Regularly remove spent flowers, a process known as deadheading. This not only helps maintain a tidy look but also encourages the plant to produce more flowers- Dahlias are an excellent cut flower for this reason; the more you cut the blooms, the more the plant will produce!

The Joy Factor

As you devote your care to dahlias, know that they reciprocate in a remarkable way. Beyond their beauty, these blossoms offer surprising benefits for your mental well-being.

Mood Enhancers

Studies suggest that the vibrant colors of flowers like dahlias uplift one’s mood and trigger happy emotions! A simple stroll through our u-pick dahlia field can be a revitalizing, joyous experience. (Tested and proved by yours truly.)

Stress Busters

I love nothing more than fresh flowers on my kitchen table which explains why studies show us that flowers have a unique ability to reduce stress and anxiety. Engaging in ‘Flower Therapy’, as it is commonly called, offers a calming effect that enhances mental wellbeing.

Focus Facilitators

Caring for dahlias requires focus and attention, which inadvertently aids in improving your concentration and memory functions. Additionally, the physical aspect of gardening offers a beneficial form of exercise.

Community Connectors

Our u-pick dahlia garden provides a setting that fosters community and connection. It’s a place for shared experiences and meaningful conversations. Bring your friends to pick flowers and take selfies!

Tending to dahlias is more than just a gardening practice. It’s a beautiful relationship that nourishes the flower and the gardener alike, benefiting both in more ways than one!

First dahlias of the 2023 season

Come hangout at the farm and enjoy our U-Pick flower garden. Dahlias will be blooming August-October (but stay tuned because we’ve already gotten a few blooms ahead of schedule). No reservations needed and cutting supplies provided.

Thanks for reading and happy flower season! – Bronte’

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